Puppet for Dems: CBS Host Interrupts EVERY Cruz Answer on Stimulus Bill


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In back-to-back interviews with congressional lawmakers from different sides of the aisle Sunday, CBS Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan exposed which party she supported as she allowed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) an almost unfettered 10 minutes (9:44) to speak and smear Republicans on the stimulus bill. In contrast, she only gave Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) six minutes and 24 seconds, and interrupted every answer he gave on the stimulus so she could assail him questions doubting his commitment to help struggling families.

Now, the times noted above were what was allotted to each lawmaker. But in the breakdown, seven minutes and 23 seconds of Pelosi’s time was dedicated to the topic of the stimulus bill, the rest of it was her comments on the funeral of late Congressman John Lewis (D-GA).

As for what Cruz was allowed to talk about, he only got three minutes and 46 seconds to make his case on the stimulus. The rest of his time was divided between Lewis and the Chinese consulate in Houston getting shutdown.

It’s not an exaggeration that every answer Cruz gave on the topic of the stimulus was interrupted by Brennan (the video and transcript both prove this). She actually seemed more on top of it just as he would begin to slam Democrats for their sleazy tactics.


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