Puerto Rico Aid Reporting Full of Inaccuracies, Non-Stop Complaints

garvin oliver | July 5, 2018
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GALO ARELLANO, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION: Today 1800 Puerto Ricans, who after losing all their property during María's lashing were relocated to hotels across the nation, had to vacate. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, says it will no longer pay for the temporary lodging.

JENNIFER ORTIZ, FEMA BENEFICIARY: What is not being taken into account here is the mental health of all of us in the hotels. It is not easy to live within four walls.

GLADYS MARTINEZ, FEMA BENEFICIARY: And that girl has fallen into a crisis. She says Mom I don’t want to be in the shelter anymore, Mom...

INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED CLERGYMAN: These families are going to be in the streets. They will be, or in tents. We have heard of various families who are buying tents to see where they can set up camp.

GALO ARELLANO: FEMA says it invested $432 million just in solving the housing problems of Puerto Ricans. But that help has fallen short. Many have had to start from scratch.


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