Pro-Life Voices Stepping Up In U.S. Hispanic Media

MRC Latino | May 19, 2019
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GUSTAVO VALDES, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Protection of lives such as that of Mariela Jiménez.

MARIELA JIMÉNEZ, PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST: Well, my mom was six months pregnant and she had a preeclampsia that was killing her and they told her, “look, your daughter is not viable”...

VALDES: That daughter is now an attorney, and she witnessed the ceremony where Brian Kemp signed the bill known as “First Heartbeat”, which prohibits abortion once a doctor can detect a heartbeat in the mother’s womb, something that generally happens some six weeks from the beginning of a pregnancy.

JIMÉNEZ: What people haven’t realized is that this is another life. So you can choose- I can choose for my own life. But can I choose regarding my own children's’ lives? Absolutely not.



FATHER ANTONIO HOYOS, PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST: But are we going to nullify the child, then? Are we going to take the chance of existence away from that fetus?


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