Pro-Abort Nets Spike Appeals Court Upholding Trump’s Pro-Life Rule

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 24, 2020
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When Republican-controlled statehouses were passing a wave pro-life laws around the country in 2019, the liberal broadcast networks looked on in horror and bashed the bills. On Monday, after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Trump administration’s Protect Life Rule, the networks were nowhere to be seen. Instead, CBS Evening News reported on a study about smart speakers, ABC’s World News Tonight covered the weather, and NBC Nightly News complained about an Amazon series.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream, who was filling-in for anchor Bret Baier on Special Report, did what the networks refused to do and give airtime to the pro-life victory:

SHANNON BREAM: Federal appeals court has upheld the Trump administration changes that ban taxpayer-funded clinics in the Title X program from providing or referring for abortions. The ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned decisions issued by judges in Washington, Oregon, and California. The court had already allowed the administration’s changes to begin taking effect while the government had appealed those rulings.


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