Poisoning Discourse: NBC Claims GOP Hates Migrant Kids, Suppressing Vote


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NBC News was not a good-faith actor. That much was clear during Monday’s edition of Nightly News as the network falsely suggested in back-to-back segments that the Republican Party was against President Biden’s policy of caring for unaccompanied minors at the border, and were directing suppression efforts against black voters in Georgia.

Continuing to give aid to the Biden administration, the program was still refusing to admit there was a crisis at the border. Instead, anchor Lester Holt introduced the immigration segment by noting the “worsening situation at the border.”

And it was correspondent Antonia Hylton who tried to downplay the fact the Biden administration was keeping migrant children in cages, which NBC and the left decried during the Trump administration. “According to new data obtained by NBC News, a record 5,400 unaccompanied children are now being held in Border Patrol's jail-like facilities,” she spun on behalf of the President.


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