Playing The Race Card: NYT's Mara Gay Rants That Right Wing Media Loves to Quickly 'Blame Non-White Americans'

Margaret Buckley | July 25, 2022
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Monday’s edition of Morning Joe was mostly another January 6 Committee repeat yet again, including the usual grievances towards every person on the right—regardless of how civil of an American they are. New York Times editorial board member, and radical lefty Mara Gay decided to take a cheap shot at the GOP and right-wing media specifically by pulling a pathetic lefty favorite: the race card.

Before playing the card, she whined that everything going on in politics is all Trump’s fault, especially the “idea that the entire system is rigged, as you said, against the little guy.”

Outside the D.C. bubble, she’d see that her words are an easy claim to refute considering how hard it is for “the little guy” financially at the moment, all thanks to poor policies recently put in place by the Biden administration.