Planning to See Family for Thanksgiving? NBC Has Contempt for You


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Despite the science tells us that the coronavirus has an over 99 percent survival rate, the liberal media were still fearmongering and telling people to remain cut off from family, and not celebrate Thanksgiving. And for those who defied them, NBC’s Sunday Today couldn’t stand them, showing open contempt. On top of that, they were giving people ridiculous orders to isolate themselves from their families even in the homes they were visiting.

The sour mood coming from host Willie Geist was palpable as he led into the segment. “Despite a warning from the CDC this week, that Americans should stay home for the holidays, millions of people are hitting the roads and boarding planes this weekend to gather for Thanksgiving,” he huffed.

After being relieved that AAA had downgraded their prediction for the number of people who would travel, correspondent Blayne Alexander whined: “But that is still not going to stop millions of people from traveling and gathering with extended family, and all of its leaving health officials worried about another spike in cases.”


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