Pelley Frets GOP Will Strip Healthcare From Millions, Wonders If Trump Says ‘Bizarre’ Stuff in Private


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<p>CBS&rsquo;s <em>60 Minutes</em> scored a sit-down on Sunday with House Speaker Paul Ryan conducted by host Scott Pelley in which he sought to corner Ryan from the left on the repeal of ObamaCare supposedly putting millions of Americans at risk for no healthcare and whether or not President-elect Donald Trump says as many <strong>&ldquo;bizarre things&rdquo; </strong>in private as he does when tweeting.</p>

<p>After Pelley asked Ryan what his first legislative priority would be and when he responded with ObamaCare, Pelley wondered if he&rsquo;d<strong> &ldquo;repeal it first&rdquo;</strong> before finding a replacement.&nbsp;</p>

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