PBS NewsHour Laments Smell of 'Imperialist Meddling' and 'Bullying' Venezuela -- by Obama?

Curtis Houck | April 10, 2015
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See more in Tim Graham's post on the NewsBusters blog.

On Thursday night’s PBS NewsHour, they devoted two segments to the forthcoming Summit of the Americas and like Andrea Mitchell, PBS correspondent Margaret Warner felt it necessary to document how Latin American countries think Team Obama’s actions toward Venezuela “smacked of U.S. bullying” and even “imperialist meddling.” 

It might seem a bit perverse, but the government-funded channel was calmly explaining to viewers that standing up for dissidents is a diplomatic fiasco. The U.S. government merely froze the assets of seven Venezuelan officials they tagged as human-rights violators, not all the people of the leftist country. PBS has a funny definition of who's anti-"bullying" in this controversy.

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