Paul Begala Compares GOP Candidates to ‘Creepy’ ‘Junior High Schoolboys’ Stalking Hillary


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<p>Giving his thoughts about Tuesday&rsquo;s Republican presidential debate on Wednesday&rsquo;s <em>AC360</em>, former Bill Clinton administration staffer Paul Begala offered a strange comparison and unintentional irony when he declared that the GOP candidates are merely <strong>&ldquo;creepy&rdquo; &ldquo;junior high schoolboys&rdquo;</strong> who are playing the role of Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s stalkers.&nbsp;</p>

<p>After opining that reading into any poll results of possible general election match-ups is<strong> &ldquo;just too soon,&rdquo;</strong> Begala set off on his bizarre analogy by first claiming that the 2016 Republican candidates uttered her name<strong> &ldquo;40 plus a debate about the economy&rdquo;</strong> compared to<strong> &ldquo;the phrase middle class eight&rdquo;</strong> times.</p>

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