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Pathetic! ‘Hardball’ Panel Offers Gooey, Criticism-Free Love Letter to Liberal Media


See more in the cross-post on the NewsBusters blog.

Less than an hour before Wednesday night’s unveiling of the Fake News Awards, MSNBC’s Hardball assembled a panel to condemn media criticism and fake news accusations as the impetus behind authoritarian crackdowns on the press, but also offer an almost erotic tribute to the media’s supposed objectivism and commitment to fighting President Trump.

Just as its essential for there to be freedom of the press, there should be ample criticism of the press. Quite simply, MSNBC segments like this serve as opportunities to use Trump’s tweets as a cudgel to diminish fair, legitimate, and outside criticism of the press. Because if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that the liberal media are incapable of policing themselves.

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