Party Time: ABC Revels in ‘Sincere’ Biden’s ‘Finest Hour’ Giving ‘Hope’ at DNC

Curtis Houck | August 21, 2020
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

As CBS and NBC were pulling out all their respective stops on Thursday to boost their preferred presidential candidate Joe Biden following his DNC speech, ABC engaged in the same, partisan campaign heralding the “sincere” Biden’s “finest hour” that “met this moment” in the form of a “compelling” and “stark speech” of “hope.”

Chief anchor and former Clinton flack George Stephanopoulos continued to his party for, well, his party, stating seconds after Biden wrapped that he gave “a forceful end…to what is certainly the most intimate acceptance speech in American history,” adding “it was a stark speech for a very stark time. He called this one of the most difficult moments in American history.”

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