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Pam Bondi: HHS Mandate is 'Unconstitutional Under the First Amendment'


<p>MRC TV's Kathleen Burch found Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at the Faith and Freedom Conference and asked her what she feels are the greatest challenges to faith and freedom today in the United States as posed by the Obama administration</p><p>Bondi responds that the HHS Mandate which forces the Catholic Church to provide birth control, abortions, and sterilizations is unconstitutional under the first amendment. She also emphasized that this poses a threat to the freedom of all religions, not just that of the Catholic Church.&nbsp;</p><p>MRC TV's Katie Yoder caught the interaction on camera.&nbsp;</p><p>Follow Kathleen Burch on <a href="!/burch_kathleen">twitter</a>.&nbsp;</p&gt;

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