Outrageous: Chris Matthews Snarls: Ted Cruz Is a 'Terrorist'

Scott Whitlock | July 31, 2013
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Angry Liberal Chris Matthews on Wednesday foamed at Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, deriding the conservatives at "terrorists." The Hardball anchor repeated the smear over and over, even going too far for former Obama political aide David Axelrod.  Previewing the segment, Matthews threatened, "Finally, let me finish with the political terrorists of the right  I'm going to talk about them. Their names are Cruz, Paul and Lee." The host fumed that the three Republican's attempts to defund Obamacare were "more than obstructionism, this is political terrorism." Matthews then dropped the adjective "political" and declared, "I believe it's terrorism." At that point, guest Axelrod admitted, "I also am uncomfortable with the word, only out of respect for the victims of violent terrorists and that's why I wouldn't use it." 

Video cross-posted at NewsBusters. 

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