Oopsies! CNN Excuses Biden Docs Scandal, Happens ‘Literally Every day’

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 19, 2023
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During Thursday’s newscast, CNN This Morning host Kaitlan Collins helped her viewers wake up with a big steaming cup of gaslight. That was the goal when Collins brought on intelligence and national security reporter, Katie Bo Lillis to downplay President Biden’s mishandling of classified information as something that happens “literally every day” and doesn’t rise to the need for prosecution.

“Experts in this matter say it's known as classified spillage, and in most cases they're simple mistakes that are not typically charged as crimes,” Collins proclaimed as she led into the segment. Lillis agreed, noting that “this kind of classified spillage happens almost literally every day. And most of the time it's completely accidental.”

Describing what the consequences could be for those who mishandled out nation’s secrets and put them in danger, Lillis said they were “dealt administratively, internally with a simple conversation with the security officer at the agency in question,” with the more stringent punishments resorting to “losing your security clearance or even being fired.”


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