Ooof: White House Reporters Body Psaki Over Biden’s ‘Genocide’ Line, Record Inflation

Curtis Houck | April 14, 2022
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Hump Day marked a tough day for Jen Psaki as she reportedly careens toward the series finale of The Psaki Show as the White House press secretary faced tough questions on inflation and another off-the-cuff remark from President Biden about Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine, including one that questioned whether there needs to be “an asterisk next to anything that the President says.”

The first biting question came from CBS’s Nancy Cordes, noting that it was only a week ago that National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters they haven’t “seen a systemic deprivation of life” by the Russians that would classify their actions as a genocide and therefore something had to change from then to Biden’s insistence Tuesday that the war is a genocide.