Oliver Urges Democrats to Pursue Impeachment: 'The Case For Inaction Here is Starting to Get Pretty Weak'

Ryan Foley | June 17, 2019
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During Last Week Tonight Sunday, host John Oliver accused President Trump of "openly inviting foreign interference in our elections" during his interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. According to Oliver, "moments like that really shake you out of your stupor and make you think...hang on, that guy's got to be impeached. We've got to impeach him." Oliver argued that Democrats could "let House investigations play out a little further before they make a move," adding "that strategy paid off during Watergate." Oliver proceeded to issue a very stern warning to Congressional Democrats: "later can't mean never because the case for inaction here is starting to get pretty weak." The HBO host closed by saying "look, I can't guarantee that impeachment will work out the way that you want it to because it probably won't. But that doesn't mean that it's not worth doing because if nothing else, we'd be standing by the basic fundamental principle that nobody is above the law."