Oh, So Now the Partisan Hacks at CBS Think Greg Abbott is ‘Playing Politics’ With the Border?

Scott Whitlock | June 17, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The partisan journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday discovered the problem of “playing politics.” Of course, they aren’t admitting bias. They are mad at Greg Abbott as the Texas Governor is going to spend state money to extend a wall on the state’s southern border. The partisans at CBS weren’t happy. Co-host Anthony Mason began the segment this way: “Critics of Texas Governor Greg Abbott say he's playing politics with his proposal that the state build its own border wall.” Reporter Mireya Villarreal responded with the proper liberal talking points, deriding Abbott: “A lot of people feel like this is a political move, and that is very frustrating to the people we have talked to down on the border that are already exhausted by this immigration politics.”

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