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Oh Please: ‘Morning Joe’ Suffers Weapons-Grade Meltdown Over ‘Chilling,’ ‘Frightening’ Sinclair


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

At the top of Monday’s Morning Joe, the MSNBC show ripped a new promo on network affiliates owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group denouncing “false news” as a “chilling,” “frightening,” and “Pravada”-like “propaganda clip” doing President Trump’s bidding. Of course, it was without any sense of irony in how they licked the Obama administration’s boots and serve as home for the Resistance.

Joe Scarborough started the hysteria two minutes into the three-hour show, lamenting that he saw the Sinclair affiliates airing “a propaganda clip and so here you have an entire broadcasting system running a propaganda clip attacking news agencies while the President himself was running a lot of fake news stories.”

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