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'Occupy Wall Street' Organizer: 'It's Revolution, Not Reform'


<p>On Al Sharpton's MSNBC show, Harrison Schultz, an organizer of the Occupy Wall Street protests, says:</p><p>"A lot of the people that are here are in fact anarchists, are in fact revolutionaires.&nbsp; And putting a revolutionary, putting a revolution&nbsp; change into political terms is very difficult to do. Because we're trying to get away from all the problems.&nbsp; Again, we don't really want to fix them.&nbsp; It's revolution, not reform."</p><p><img id="smallDivTip" style="z-index: 90; border: 0px solid blue; position: absolute; left: 134px; top: 68px;" src="chrome://dictionarytip/skin/dtipIconHover.png" alt="" /></p>

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