NYT Charles Blow: Threat of 'White Supremacy' Calls for Renaming of Schools

Donovan Newkirk | January 29, 2021
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During the second hour of Thursday's CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon and his race-baiting buddy, The New York Times columnist, Charles Blow fervently ripped on the United States for being a nation imbued with “white supremacy.” According to Lemon and Blow, the ideology of white superiority isn’t actually a fleeting idea that fewer and fewer people believe as the United States ages—as study after study has suggested. Instead, these two leftist purport that America was founded on racism and, therefore, it has pervaded society.

When asked about San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education’s recent (and near-unanimous) vote in favor of renaming over three dozen schools currently named after former presidents and other prominent figures including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Blow unreservedly express his acquiescence and flat out decried any person who once owned a slave—irrespective of the fact that slavery was commonplace across the globe during America’s founding.

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