NY jihadi's incriminating 911 call

SDAMatt2 | February 15, 2012
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A harrowing 911 call captured a terror suspect with ties to Al Qaeda screaming a final prayer to Allah during a 100 mph suicide run across the Whitestone Expressway.

“There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger!” defendant Adis Medunjanin howls in Arabic during the 33-second recording from January 2010.

The unrattled police operator replies, “Hello? Do you need the police, fire department or the ambulance?”

Medunjanin, 27, who survived the run, faces trial this April as a co-conspirator in a subway bombing plot set for the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He bolted from his Queens home in his Nissan Ultima within an hour after an NYPD detective detailed Medunjanin’s alleged ties to Al Qaeda and the bomb plot.

Officials believe he was trying to martyr himself when he flew down the roadway at 100 mph before slamming his car into another vehicle. Nobody was killed in the crash.

In the 911 recording, Medunjanin — the sound of traffic in the background — tells the operator, “This is Adis. We love ... we love death.”

“He wants to know what?” the operator replies.

“You love your life!” he shouts in Arabic. “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger!”

The call goes dead after the operator asks for Medunjanin’s location.

Medunjanin, a Bosnian-born U.S. citizen, pleaded not guilty to charges in the plot. His attorney, Robert Gottlieb, opposed the public release of the 911 call from his client’s cell phone.

- NY Daily News