Normal Day: Fredo’s Replacement Uses Bob Dole’s Death to Bash GOP

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 6, 2021
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The Monday after CNN fired Chris Cuomo for a combination of journalistic malpractice regarding his brother, disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and new sexual misconduct allegations, CNN installed weekend host and route Cuomo-fill-in Michael Smerconish as the official temp. And in his first outing in that role, Smerconish channeled Cuomo’s attitude and hatred towards Republicans as he used the death of former Senator Bob Dole to bash the party.

But before he got to his GOP bashing, Smerconish had to address the roid-raging gorilla no longer in the room and announce that the network was resurrecting the old name of Don Lemon’s show before the lame rebranding:

This is CNN Tonight. And first, a note about the timeslot. As you've certainly heard, Chris Cuomo is no longer with CNN. But our job is to continue to bring you the news and that's what we'll do tonight.

He then pivoted to lamenting Dole’s passing and using it to attack Republicans.


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