Noah, Norton Slam Trump as 'Racist Landlord from New York Who's Destroying the World'

Ryan Foley | November 6, 2019
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On Tuesday, Daily Show host Trevor Noah sat down with actor/director Edward Norton to talk about his new movie "Motherless Brooklyn." When discussing the plot of the film, Noah argued that "although the story's set in the 50s, it feels very much applicable to what life is like today." While he stressed that he did not want to "spoil anything" for his audience, Noah decided to inform them that "this is basically a story about a racist landlord from New York who's destroying the world." Seeming to agree with Noah's implicit yet obvious comparison of the movie character to President Trump, Norton highlighted how "he's played by Alec Baldwin," who has made a career out of mercilessly mocking the President on Saturday Night Live. Norton could not resist taking shots at Trump either, claiming "there's no wigs involved, no small hands" while denying that the antagonist in the movie was "based on our insane clown President."

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