‘Nightly Show’ Smears ‘Creepy’ Cruz; Will ‘Do Everything the KKK Does,’ Has Mental Issues


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<p>In what may be the worst series of attacks by the liberal media on Ted Cruz, Monday&rsquo;s <em>Nightly Show </em>on Comedy Central featured host Larry Wilmore declaring that the &ldquo;creepy&rdquo; Cruz may be mentally disturbed with guest Aida Rodriguez firmly asserting that, if elected, Cruz&rsquo;s agenda would be to <strong>&ldquo;do everything the KKK does.&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>During the panel segment, Rodriguez began building to her obscene comparison by first attacking Cruz&rsquo;s Christian faith by trying to joke that Christians who believe in the Second Amendment must also believe that people can shoot one another to death and merely <strong>&ldquo;ask for forgiveness, and [then] go about their business.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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