Nightly Show Panel Decries Sexist ‘Rhetoric’ Against Hillary; 'I Love Her Like I Love Lady Macbeth’


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<p>The panel on the Tuesday edition of Comedy Central&rsquo;s <em>The Nightly Show </em>spent a large part of their segment decrying the criticism of Hillary Clinton as almost exclusively due to her being a woman and the need<strong> &ldquo;to stop hating a culture&rdquo; </strong>with one panelist comparing her love of Clinton to their admiration for the Shakespeare character Lady Macbeth.</p>

<p>Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede started the parade of sexism charges by denying host Larry Wilmore&rsquo;s question if it&rsquo;s fair to ask Clinton about her honesty and instead declared that <strong>&ldquo;you can disagree with things she&#39;s done politically, but we have to stop hating women &mdash; like, as a culture.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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