NewsNation Congratulates NewsNation For Its Outstanding GOP Debate Coverage

MRC Latino | December 7, 2023
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CHRIS CUOMO: To discuss- the all-star panel is with me right now. Geraldo Rivera, Mick Mulvaney, Morgan Ortagus and Sean Spicer. We're watching (the candidates) continue to say goodbye. Nikki Haley is there. We'll keep watching this. 

SEAN SPICER: I just- I think before we get too far to the analysis of this. Big winner tonight, NewsNation. This was a top-notch professional debate. You think about how old this news organization is. I put these together for the RNC in 2015. I can tell you this is not an easy thing to do. NewsNation and its team in front of and behind the camera deserve a lot of credit for how well this came off.

MICK MULVANEY: I was talking to a Fox executive today, and he said it took Fox 7 or 8 years to get to where NewsNation got tonight. 

SPICER: So this is a big- before we get into the candidate analysis, a big kudos to the team that put this together tonight. 

CUOMO: I will honestly say it is the first time: Sean, Nick- I agree with you. Everything you said…

MULVANEY: It’s not the last!

CUOMO: …was spot-on. Spot-on accurate.