Networks MELT DOWN Over Trump's ‘Day One Dictator’ Quip, Push Biden Talking Points

MRC Latino | December 7, 2023
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DAVID MUIR: We turn now to the race for president, and amid Donald Trump's threats of retribution while on the campaign trail, if he's elected president again, the former president was asked about the warnings from some that Trump would act like a dictator if elected. Asked, would he promise Americans he would never abuse his power for retribution? Tonight, his answer. The Biden campaign arguing, do not take this answer lightly. And will Trump's Republican opponents address this in the debate? Here's Rachel Scott. 

RACHEL SCOTT: The Biden campaign seizing on those comments, saying that Donald Trump is going to behave and act like a dictator and that he just confirmed that, challenging his Republican rivals to address it on the debate stage tonight here in Alabama, David.

MUIR: Rachel Scott reporting on the campaign trail. Rachel, thank you.