Networks Ignore New Details of Bill Clinton’s Connections to Pedophile Epstein

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 17, 2016
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During their Tuesday evening newscasts, all of the “big three” networks ignored explosive new details about former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. “It’s no secret that former President Bill Clinton had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein,” reported Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Special Report, “A prominent businessman who went to jail as part of a plea deal he reached while being investigated amid allegations that he was a pedophile, who had sex with scores of underage girls and used his staff to procure the victims.”

According to Bream, it was known that the former president had traveled on Epstein’s private jet 11 times. “A jet accusers say was equipped for sex with underage victims and was used to travel to Epstein's private island nicknamed “Orgy Island,” Bream stated.

But, newly released documents revealed that Clinton had traveled at least 26 times using Epstein’s aircraft to locations “around the globe.” The documents didn’t stop there. “On at least five occasions that they did travel together, Secret Service did not accompany Clinton,” Bream continued.