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Networks Come to Obama’s Aid For Not Coming to LA's Aid; Blasted Bush For Same Thing


<p><span id="docs-internal-guid-d567860b-a319-1897-5dcd-b190660d67a9">It took President Bush 5 days to visit Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit and the media&nbsp;<a href="… never let him off the hook for it</a>, even calling it&nbsp;<a href="… &ldquo;stain&rdquo; he could &ldquo;never recover from</a>.&rdquo; It&rsquo;s been a week since devastating flooding hit many parts of the same state, destroying thousands of homes and killing 13 people but President Obama still has not stopped golfing in Martha&rsquo;s Vineyard to visit. While none of the networks acknowledged the backlash Obama was facing last night, both ABC and CBS brought up the criticism this morning but took every chance to downplay the President&rsquo;s role and defend his choice&nbsp;</span>to golf instead of coming&nbsp;to Louisiana&rsquo;s aid.</p>


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