Nets Urge Sanders to Get Out: 'He's Like Gum on Your Shoe'


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<p>While the networks basked in the &ldquo;history&rdquo; of Hillary Clinton becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee on Tuesday, all three morning show broadcasts still fretted over Bernie Sanders remaining in the Democratic race and demanded he get out of Clinton&rsquo;s way. On <em>Today</em>, Guthrie asked: <strong>&ldquo;Bernie Sanders, what is his rationale for saying he needs to take this to the convention? Even President Obama is calling him. We don&#39;t know what that conversation was, but it seems to be nudging him through the stages of grief so that the Democratic Party can move on.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Political analyst Nicolle Wallace asserted: <strong>&ldquo;You can nudge him all you want, there has been no rationale for Bernie Sanders&#39; political effort since March 15th.</strong> There has been no mathematical path for Bernie Sanders to topple Hillary Clinton for months now.&rdquo;</p>

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