Nets Try to Keep Impeachment Dream Alive, But Some Express Doubt

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 24, 2019
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In the wake of the “disaster” that was the Democratic-led House hearings with Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday, some in the liberal media were honest about how it blew up in their faces. Yet, during the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, the liberal media were desperately holding onto the dream that Mueller would help Democrats impeach President Trump. But there were a couple of correspondents who weren’t convinced.

At the top of CBS Evening News, floundering new anchor Norah O’Donnell energetically pitched the hearings as totally bad news for the President:

Good evening. We've got breaking news tonight with reaction still coming into the Mueller hearings. It was quite a day here. At one end of Pennsylvania Avenue, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller answering questions for the first time about his investigation of President Trump, and at the other end, the President, watching it all on TV, fuming and tweeting.

It was six hours of testimony before two House committees, and Mueller made one thing very clear: He did not clear the President of wrongdoing, as Mr. Trump has claimed time after time. But he also left any action against the president to Congress or to prosecutors after Mr. Trump leaves office.

At the end of the first report, CBS chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes talked about how Democrats were getting ready to investigate Trump’s alleged financial relationship with Russia. “[I]f the House does pursue impeachment, Democrats want to do it with the strongest hand possible,” she concluded.