Nets Spike Serious Concerns Feinstein's Mind Is 'Rapidly Deteriorating'

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 15, 2022
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On Thursday evening, the liberal San Francisco Chronicle published a concerning report featuring testimonials from an anonymous Democratic congressperson from California, multiple anonymous former staffers, and four anonymous senators (three of whom are Democrats) all suggesting Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA) was mentally unfit to serve. But there was no mention of this report on either the Friday morning or evening flagship newscasts of ABC, CBS, or NBC.

Instead of covering this story, like the media did when they wanted the 25 Amendment used against former President Trump, ABC’s World News Tonight spent precious time talking about local weather reports and an update on the sale of a football thrown by Tom Brady. On CBS Evening News, they touted businesses turning to 4-day work weeks and electric aircraft for rich commuters.

For their part, NBC Nightly News frowned on Amazon raising shipping rates and touted the Twitter board’s “poison pill” approach to trying to block Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter. But what make’s NBC’s lack of coverage of the Feinstein story particularly terrible is that MSNBC had been talking about it pretty seriously.


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