Nets SLAM Biden Speech Giving al-Qaeda ‘Propaganda Tool,’ ‘Miss[ed] the Moment’

Curtis Houck | August 16, 2021
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The major broadcast networks continued their welcome stance on Monday afternoon of holding President Biden accountable for the embarrassing collapse of Afghanistan and the peril Afghans and Americans have found themselves in. After Biden’s speech, ABC, CBS, and NBC lambasted it for having “missed the moment” in failing to “accept responsibility” for this “catastrophe” he’s caused and explain how the U.S. and Afghan allies move forward.

ABC was by far the harshest, wasting no time to take Biden to task with senior foreign correspondent Ian Pannell in Kabul saying that while Biden leveled a “pretty harsh assessment” blaming the country’s collapse on the Afghan government and military, “a lot of the criticisms were unfair.”

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