Nets Skip Terrorists Captured at Southern Border, NBC Refuses ‘Crisis’ Label


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On Tuesday, Axios broke a story detailing how Customs and Border Protection had arrested four people on the FBI’s terror watch list trying to sneak through the U.S./Mexico border. But the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) were still playing defense for President Biden that night as ABC’s World News propping up flimsy administration claim “the border is secure,” and NBC Nightly News was refusing to call it a crisis at all.

“The Biden team is blaming its predecessors for the situation at the border, is not talking about the effect of the messaging being sent by the new president about the new border policy, and he is steadfastly refusing to call the situation a crisis,” announced Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier for Special Report.

White House correspondent Kristin Fisher picked up from there and at one point in her report, she called attention to the arrest of four alleged Middle East terrorists trying to sneak into the U.S.


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