Nets Skip Hunter Trying to 'Shakedown' Libyan Gov. for Millions


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According to a Thursday report from Business Insider, they obtained e-mail evidence that Hunter Biden had tried to “shakedown” the government of Libya for millions of dollars as they tried to get him to help release money frozen when his dad was vice president. It was yet another scandal in recent weeks set to rock the Joe Biden administration, but instead of trying to baselessly claim it was “Russian” “disinformation” (as they did with the Hunter laptop story) the broadcast networks simply ignored it.

Of course, Fox News Channel’s Special Report was not beholden to nor did they have an interest in protecting the Biden administration from any scandal. And ahead of their panel discussion on the story, anchor Bret Baier quipped that it was “another Hunter Biden scandal, this one may actually get covered beyond Fox News and The New York Post.”

But his humor was for naught as ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News all chose to mill about and chat about the weather forecast instead.


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