Nets Skip Fmr. Senator Assaulted, Robbed for Phone in Oakland

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 28, 2021
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Despite crime continuing to skyrocket in major cities throughout President Biden’s America, his staunch allies in the broadcast networks were largely tight-lipped about it. Not even the Monday assault and robbery of former Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) could shake Biden’s sentinels at ABC, CBS, and NBC. But interestingly, Boxer appeared on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront Tuesday night where she and Burnett lamented the rise in crime, and blamed the defund the police movement and “progressive” bail reform efforts.

“The former Senator, who’s 80 years old says she walking by herself, and someone came up, pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone, and then jumped back into a car,” Burnett reported. “And all of this happened in broad daylight.”

According to Boxer’s retelling of what happened, it appeared she, “an old lady” was just a target of opportunity for “young” guys looking to steal a new phone.