Nets Omit Obama Criticism on ISIS, Tout Pentagon Visit; Forced to ‘Reassure an Anxious Nation’


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<p>The &ldquo;big three&rdquo; of ABC, CBS, and NBC all prominently touted on Monday night President Barack Obama&rsquo;s visit to the Pentagon to discuss the fight against ISIS, but skimped on reporting any criticism of the administration&rsquo;s strategy but instead lamenting that he&rsquo;s had to try once<strong> &ldquo;again to reassure an anxious nation&rdquo; </strong>despite polls showing Americans are concerned about the growing threat of terrorism.</p>

<p>In a tease on the <em>CBS Evening News</em>, anchor Scott Pelley trumpeted the visit by <strong>&ldquo;[t]he commander-in-chief&rdquo; </strong>as Obama <strong>&ldquo;tries again to reassure an anxious nation&rdquo; </strong>and played a soundbite for the President claiming that<strong> &ldquo;[w]e are fighting harder than ever&rdquo; </strong>to defeat the Islamic terror group.</p>

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