Nets Lavish 17 Times More Coverage on Obama’s Farewell Than Bush’s


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<p>Following fawning network coverage of President Obama&rsquo;s farewell address on Tuesday night, on Wednesday, the NBC, ABC, and CBS morning shows continued the lovefest by devoting another 16 minutes and 5 seconds of air time to the speech. That stands in stunning contrast to the paltry 55 seconds the same morning shows offered to then-President George W. Bush&rsquo;s farewell address in 2009.</p>

<p>NBC&rsquo;s <em>Today</em>, with it&rsquo;s four hour runtime, provided the most coverage to Obama&rsquo;s farewell, totaling 7 minutes 54 seconds. Leading off the broadcast, co-host Matt Lauer proclaimed: <strong>&ldquo;Emotional goodbye....President Obama uses his farewell address to take some veiled swipes at Donald Trump....This morning, the President&#39;s warning to all Americans as he prepares to leave the White house in just nine days.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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