Nets Hide Blue CT Reopening Businesses, Smear GOP as Against COVID Relief


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The liberal broadcast networks made a full-court press Thursday evening, smearing Senate Republicans with the suggestion that were against giving struggling Americans aid in the midst of economic lockdowns. On top of that, they bashed Republican-led Texas and Mississippi for left restrictions and mask mandates, but completely ignoring the fact that Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced most businesses could reopen at 100 percent capacity.

NBC Nightly News was the most irritated by Americans getting their freedoms back, with anchor Lester Holt kicking off the broadcast by bloviating about how states were acting without being giving orders:

Good evening, and welcome. No one has declared the pandemic over. In fact, just 1,200 more deaths in this country just today tell us otherwise. And yet, the upcoming one-year anniversary appears to be creating a jumping-off point for more and more states from lifting mask requirements, to allowing large gatherings again. Impatience and politics some public health officials worry may be leaping ahead of reality. Especially with the virus itself shapeshifting into more worrisome variants.

But we are clearly at an unsettling crossroad tonight,” he proclaimed.

Following Holt’s lead, anti-reopening correspondent Miguel Almaguer whined about certain reopenings. “Tonight, as Americans received conflicting and confusing messages over COVID safety measures, more states are now preparing to eliminate face mask mandates as top doctors plead for them not to do so,” he began.


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