Nets Fluff Biden Before Putin Summit: He Looks 'Confident' and 'Energized'


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With just hours to go until gaffe-prone President Biden was set to sit down for an hours-long summit with Russian authoritarian Vladimir Putin, the big three broadcast networks diligently worked to fluff up the confused President Tuesday evening by suggesting that he looked “confident” and “energized.” They also did the bidding of the White House and tried to lower expectations in certain ways.

“Now, sources tell CBS news Mr. Biden arrives at his first summit with the Russian leader with clear eyes and low expectations,” CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell strangely touted. “Instead, President Biden plans to call on Mr. Putin to cooperate on the world stage and call him out for covert attacks and cybercrimes targeting American commerce and democracy.”

O’Donnell also beamed when noting how Biden had flipped around President Ronald Reagan’s famous adage about dealing with the Soviet Union.


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