Nets Defends Fauci From GOP in ‘Emotional’, ‘Fiery’, ‘Testy’ Hearing on COVID-19

Curtis Houck | June 4, 2024
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ABC, CBS, and NBC were not only exhausting airtime fawning over and spinning for Hunter Biden as his first criminal trial got underway, but also rallying around Dr. Tony Fauci on Monday night and Tuesday morning over the “contentious”, “heated” and “hostile” House hearing he endured on the COVID-19 pandemic response that left him “defiant” yet “emotional” over “the threats” posed by critics.

Like with their defenses of Hunter and eagerness toward the Trump trial, ABC was the most defensive of Fauci. On Monday’s World News Tonight, anchor David Muir teased “the heated testimony” with “Fauci turning deeply emotional when revealing the death threats against his family.”