Nets Cover Up Strzok Notes Showing Obama/Biden Guided Flynn Probe


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While the broadcast networks spent over seven combined minutes (7:25) on Wednesday huffing about a D.C. appeals court ordering the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn be dropped, and suggesting that Attorney General William Barr was corrupt, ABC, CBS, and NBC were on a mission to cover up evidence that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had a hand in the Russia probe. They also blacked out how Biden had lied about not knowing anything about the investigation.

In heavily redacted notes released on Wednesday, anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok wrote down what Obama had told him and disgraced FBI Director James Comey to do. As transcribed by The Federalist:

NSA-D-DAG = [Flynn cuts?]. Other countries

D-DAG: lean forward on [unclass?]

VP: “Logan Act”

P: These are unusual time

VP: I’ve been on the intel cmte for ten years and I never

P: Make sure you look at things + have the right people on it

P: Is there anything I shouldn’t be telling transition team?

D: Flynn –> Kislyak calls but appear legit

[illegible] Happy New Year. Yeah right

The notes clearly suggested Obama had taken a particular interest in the investigation and wanted to what he should keep hidden from the Trump transition team. And Biden had made reference to the Logan Act.


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