Nets Cover-Up Biden Dumping Illegals in U.S. Town, Kamala Laughing at Crisis


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With NBC Nightly News still helping out the Biden administration by refusing to admit there was a crisis on the border Tuesday, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) collectively omitted how President Biden was having officials dump busloads of illegal immigrants in tiny border towns with no transportation and no support to the local government. They also didn’t want to talk about Vice President Kamala Harris’s cruel laughter when she was asked if she planned to see the caged kids.

Standing in stark contrast to the liberal sycophants on the broadcast networks, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy called attention to the administration’s actions and inactions during Special Report.

“No real White House action at the border yet as new video edited by the government shows migrants being processed behind the same kind of chain-linked fences Democrats once called cages, with the so-called ‘cage’ walls covered by a green tarp,” he chided.


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