Nets Conveniently Miss Senate Hearing on Dem Election Power Grab Bill


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For months, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have peddled the Democratic lie that the Republican Party was trying to bring back Jim Crow via the election integrity laws being passed and worked on in many states around the country. But on Tuesday, they conveniently missed another opportunity to spread those lies and boost their Democrat pals as the Senate Rules Committee held a hearing to markup S-1, the so-called For The People Act (aka a Democratic power grab over elections).

In the past few months, ABC had falsely claimed the GOP was trying to disenfranchise President Biden’s black voters, CBS had gaslit viewers with smears of “Jim Crow 2.0,” and NBC had touted the President’s big lies against Republicans on the subject.

Yet they again suspiciously skipped the opportunity to smear Republicans some more and promote what Democrats on the Hill have called the only way to save the country from those evil Republicans.

Perhaps it’s because they wanted to hide the Democratic power grab to nationalize American elections. Or perhaps because they knew it was dead on arrival because even moderate Democrats weren’t going to help get it passed, which would involve killing the filibuster.


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