Nets Cheer Dems ‘Taunting’ GOP Over ‘Shame’ of Health Care Bill

Kyle Drennen | May 5, 2017
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On Friday, the network morning shows reveled in Democrats childishly “taunting” Republicans on the House floor after the GOP health care plan passed. Reporters pushed claims from the liberal lawmakers that Republicans would be “punished at the ballot box” over the legislation and parroted fearmongering that voters would be hurt by the policy. For all the attention paid to liberal protests and complaints, no attention was given to conservative concerns.

Leading off NBC’s Today, co-host Matt Lauer announced: “While President Trump celebrates the passing of a revised health care bill in the House, Democrats are using that vote as a way to taunt their Republican counterparts.” While noting that President Trump and Republicans were “declaring victory,” correspondent Kristen Welker quickly ran to Democrats trashing the bill: “The opposition from Democrats fierce, an angry backlash audible on the floor. Democrats singing and waving good-bye to Republicans.”

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