Nets Again Blast ‘Unruly’ GOP over Boehner Resignation; Suggests It Could Harm 2016 Chances

Curtis Houck | September 26, 2015
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On Saturday morning, the major broadcast networks were at it again in bashing the “far-right” and “unruly hardliners” in the House Republican caucus for causing Speaker John Boehner’s impending resignation announced Friday that CBS added could hurt the party’s chances in 2016 if the “infighting” continues.

CBS This Morning: Saturday had two segments on “Boehner’s bombshell” with correspondent Julianna Goldman first reporting that the Ohio Republican became Speaker after the 2010 midterms but spent his tenure “strugg[ling] with a fractured and more conservative Republican caucus” that currently are “insisting on defunding Planned Parenthood or shutting down the government.” 

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