Nets Again Bash Indiana for Causing ‘National Outcry’ and ‘Uproar’ Over Religious Freedom Law


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<p>For the fifth straight night, the major broadcast networks used their evening newscasts to blast the State of Indiana on Tuesday for sparking an <strong>&ldquo;uproar&rdquo; </strong>and <strong>&ldquo;national outcry&rdquo;</strong> over its Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) while also choosing to heavily promote the arguments of opponents.</p>

<p>On the <em>CBS Evening News</em>, anchor Scott Pelley informed viewers in a tease that <strong>&ldquo;Indiana&rsquo;s governor responds to the national outcry over the so-called religious freedom law.&rdquo;</strong> Prior to a report from correspondent Adriana Diaz, the liberal anchor exclusively touted the viewpoint of those against RFRA: <strong>&ldquo;Critics say the law is not about freedom, it&rsquo;s about legalizing discrimination against gays by allowing businesses to deny them service.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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