NBC's weird, Elon-bashing report

MRC Latino | November 30, 2023
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LESTER HOLT: It was Elon Musk unfiltered during an interview as the world's richest person defended himself and his social media company amid a string of controversies. Here is Emilie Ikeda. 

EMILIE IKEDA: It was back to business for Tesla CEO Elon Musk today, with the highly delayed and anticipated initial delivery of the EV company's otherworldly Cybertruck. 

ELON MUSK: Finally, the future will look like the future. [ Cheering ] 

IKEDA: It comes less than 24 hours since Musk's stunning sit-down with CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin. 

MUSK: If somebody tried to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go [ bleep ] yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is. Hey, Bob. 

IKEDA: That was the bombshell message from the world's richest person to advertisers, including Disney's CEO Bob Iger and NBC's parent company Comcast for pulling ad spending from his social media platform. An exodus this month after Musk appeared to endorse an antisemitic post on X. 

MUSK: I'm sorry for that tweet or post. It was foolish of me. 

IKEDA: Musk said he meant to suggest Jewish people shouldn't fund organizations that support groups that want their annihilation. Overnight, X CEO Linda Yaccarino posting that the platform is “enabling an information independence that's uncomfortable for some people.” Her boss making clear he’s not concerned with people's comfort of him, boasting the success of his wide ranging businesses that traverse social media, space, cars, and tech. 

MUSK: Hate me, like me or indifferent: do you want the best car or do you not want the best car? 

IKEDA: According to research firm Insider Intelligence, ad revenue for X was already forecast to drop 54% this year. Musk himself acknowledges a new advertiser boycott could bankrupt the company. Lester.

HOLT: All right. Emily. Thanks.