NBC’s Mitchell Gushes About Photo of Pelosi Storming Out of Meeting


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NBC foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the liberal media idealize Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The latest example of their admiration involved their promotion of photo of the Speaker taken as she stormed out of a contentious meeting with President Trump on Wednesday. During Thursday’s NBC Nightly News, Mitchell gleefully shared the picture with viewers as she gushed about Pelosi.

Anchor Lester Holt began by touting the image himself. “It was during a contentious White House meeting about the Syria conflict that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood up in front of President Trump. The photo instantly becoming a new and powerful symbol of their power struggle,” he said.

Mitchell, a well-documented fangirl of the Clintons, proclaimed the picture was “iconic” and boasted about how it was “released by the White House to diminish the Speaker, she immediately turned it into a badge of courage and her cover photo.

“That cabinet room meeting on Syria dissolving into insults as the President called the Speaker a third-rate politician,” Mitchell whined, completely ignoring reports that Pelosi threw out her own insults against the administration during that meeting.


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